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    Parking areas and, if striped, the striping and the type (eg. handicapped, motorcycle,regular, etc.) and number of parking spaces.Flood zone designation (with proper annotation based on Federal Flood Insurance Rate Maps or the state or local equivalent, by scaled map location and graphic plotting only)
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    This is to advise that I have been made aware of my right to have corner markers set as part of a survey to be performed on the aforementioned property. In addition, I have been made aware of the potential impact of signing the waiver including: (1) the possible need for a future survey as a result of physical improvements to the property, such as a fence, addition, deck, pool, or shed, and (2) the potential inability of the ultimate user to identify the actual boundary of the property which could result in a boundary dispute with an adjoining property owner and/or property improvements not accurately situated on my property. The right to have corner markers set is hereby waived, and you are directed to perform the land survey without the setting of corner markers as provided by the regulation (N.J.A.C. 13:40-5.2) of the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyor

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